“Coconut oil contains large amounts of lauric acid, a powerful  anti-microbial fatty acid that protects the immune system of the fetus  and newborn. Pregnant and nursing mothers should eat coconut oil to increase the quality of the womb environment and breast milk” - Dr. Claudia Pillow

By  now we are all familiar with the endless benefits of coconut oil.  Coconut oil is high in saturated fat (but not cholesterol since its  plant sourced). 

Lauric Acid is one out of several fatty chains that  makes coconut oil so effective & comprises about 50% of the coconut!  Other components of  coconut oil include capric/caprylic acid (NON Greasy clear coconut oil),  tocopherols & tocotrienols. These contain NATURAL Vitamin E lipids  that act as potent anti-oxidants & assists in producing &  maintaining healthy cell structures. As oppose to those synthetic  vitamin E capsules & oils out there that actually do more harm then  good in the long run. There are several ways of taking vitamin E  supplements that are found in nature. But that is another blog!

In  order to appreciate Lauric Acid & understand it's function, we need  to first understand fatty acid chains! If I get into it all, I will  turn this sweet blog into a lengthy chemistry lesson. Let's avoid that  and give you this link along with a few facts YOU MUST know NOW!

(1)  Oppose to popular belief, fats are actually necessary & very  essential for brain development. Every oil & fat absorbs & gets  stored differently in the body.   You  may have heard by now about good fats and bad fats. Real quick let's  recap. Bad fat is animal fat (yes, it is, it contains high cholesterol  and is a long chained acid). Too much or too little of these  fats & others like hydrogenated oils like crisco, shortening, highly  refined oils, etc. can cause cardiovascular disease, breast cancer,  arthritis & more. Good fat is found in OLIVES, hemp seeds, coconuts,  avocados, chia seeds, any cold-pressed oils & more. "There  has been a lot of research lately discussing how the environment of the  womb can affect the long-term health of the baby with respect to  autism, allergies, asthma, food sensitivities and other chronic  conditions. Coconut oil provides pregnant moms with a vital combination  of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins that are so good for their  babies. That’s also why infant formula usually contains coconut oil."

(2) Now what is the big deal with these oils? Aren't all fats just fat? Well,  NO. Just how not all protein is created equal, neither is fat. We all  know how Omega 3 & Omega 6 are beneficial for growing babies &  even throughout life. Well, our bodies cannot produce these on its own  and this is why we need to attain them from healthy raw fruits &  veggies. Today, they add these synthetic vitamins to formula. But guess  what? Too much of those synthetic vitamins contribute to adverse side  effects, allergies, skin conditions & more. All protein & oils  are comprised of amino acids. Proteins have exactly 9. Breast  Milk contains the second highest amount of Lauric Acid, right next to  coconut. This is one huge piece of evidence that reveals how important  it is to nurse your child as long as possible! Pump it & bottle it!  Allow them to enjoy human milk their whole life. Why not? After all,  human breasts are meant to produce milk. Even women who have never had a  baby nor are they pregnant, can start producing milk. I suspect this is  simply because we are meant to drink human milk..logical no? American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published that lactating mothers who eat coconut oils/foods have significantly higher levels of lauric & capric  acid in their breast milk. These acid chains produces milk rich in health promoting  nutrients. 

"Coconut oil is easy for an infant’s immature digestive system to absorb and utilize. It also provides energy in the form of medium chain fatty acids to help the baby grow and develop properly".

(3)  Lauric Acid is a saturated medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), also known  as, Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) with 12 carbon atoms. It  cannot be found in nature on its own so its important to attain it from  your food. MCT's go directly to your liver where it is easily absorbed  &  metabolized for immediate energy. Unlike BAD FATS (long chained) that  get  stored away as fat, harder for the body to break down & take days  to turn into some sort of energy (this fat lingers in the hips &  thighs) while damaging your endocrine levels which can contribute to  fatigue,  loss of interest & other symptoms that we all easily start to blame  on aging.

(4)  Pregnant & nursing women store fat to ascertain milk production. We  can burn up to 500 calories a day simply breast feeding alone! Lauric  acid & capric acid in the diet becomes part of the adipocytes. (Fat  storage). Research proves how ONE meal with Coconut oil can increase  lauric acid in human breast milk up to 3 times which lasts for several  days, with the most milk being produced the first 10 hours!"

This data supports the hypothesis that diet directly affects the quality of human milk & womb environment".

WOW!  Upon learning this, I reached for my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and took a  heaping spoon full. I have been producing breast milk for almost 20  months now. Long have I forgotten what a strong down feels like. Well, not only is my milk strong & flows steady but I can FEEL it all the  way up to my armpits & my son is literally chugging away! So I  started drinking coconut milk again. But not that synthetic, already  made stuff you buy at the store. You must get the vegan POWDER from Native Forest. I also use this when making my soaps!

There  are several studies constantly coming out & knowledge must always  be updated. Mother nature has proven to me over & over how  everything we need is literally found in plants & how plants  actually communicate this with us by mimicking themselves to one or more of our organs or body parts. Like oats resemble nervous system, coconuts resembles a human breast and so on.  If you are pregnant, nursing or just seeking a healthy lifestyle, please remember that we are all part of the change & we must start somewhere. New habits are  created & with practice they drown out the bad habits. 

You are never too old or too young to start taking care of yourself. It takes 10 minutes to read an article that may add 10 years to your life. Moral of the story:  EVERYONE can benefit from coconut oil. 

I buy mines from Carrington Farms & the best coconut water comes from Thailand & its pink! Try some of Harmless Harvest  to try what real coconut water tastes like for those of us deprived; Like I was. You don't have to get these online either, most stores sell them. So join me on this journey. Buy a magic bullet or other food processor  (I say magic bullet  because its the cheapest & most effective), buy  organic greens, frozen or fresh organic fruits, coconut water &  oil. Get fancy & buy 100% Pure Hawaiian Spirulina, raw hemp seeds or  tahini (toasted sesame butter) & start with one smoothie a day!  

Don't change what you eat unless its fast food. Simply INCORPORATE fresh, organic, raw fruits & veggies to your daily meals & snacks while sprouting your beans & nuts. Little by little we can do this. One decent REAL smoothie for breakfast a day will lead you to slowly replacing a few meals. Before you know it, you'll be fully  rested after sleeping 6-8 hours, have more energy, be flexible, better  memory, better attention span, stronger bones, no more crazy food cravings & you will slowly  evolve into a healthier version of yourself. Going vegan has saved my life & my baby is a happy healthy vegan baby.

(I am not a  affiliated with any products or brands. They are simply what I  personally use & have found to be the best so far in a consumer  setting).