Skin Care and Baby

Every skin care product I make is natural and preservative free. I do NOT use synthetic or "natural" preservatives in my lotions, scrubs or any product. They are made from raw, certified organic materials using the strictest form of hygiene and disinfection protocols. I invite you to compare my products to department store brands or any other brands. My baby care products have been used for several years on my baby and myself. I put a lot of care and thought into each recipe and perfect it, double checking it continuously until I am blue in the face! The baby balms, baby bath bombs, baby lotions etc all contain a combination of ingredients to heal and moisturize while protecting baby. Check back for more products as my business grows. This is an ever expanding line that is always transforming. I am confident that any purchase you make will improve your skin and self care regime. I believe in multipurpose products that can be easily transported and used on the go. But I also believe that luxury shouldn't be subtracted from that equation. Please read the product descriptions in full.