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My name is Vanessa. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. Sunshine State! I am a mother of one & in love with anything art. I'm a fully licensed Esthetician who loves making soap the old-fashion way but with my personal twist & flair many have dubbed eccentric. I love breaking soaping rules for the name of healthy looking skin!

My pregnancy made me dig even deeper into a chemical-free lifestyle. Perhaps it was just the push I needed to pursue my dream of creating Eco-safe, all natural products using luxurious, natural, fair trade, high-quality, cruelty-free ingredients!

Our hand-made, cold-process soaps do NOT contain harmful fragrances, animal by-products, extra additives, fillers or inorganic compounds.

All the products are VEGAN.

All the nut milks are homemade.
I soak & sprout all raw grains & nuts prior to making the milk.
This can sometimes take days which I pride myself in doing!

All our water used is safely distilled & fluoride-free. You can also feel at ease knowing your hard earned cash isn't being guzzled by careless corporations. Every single dime goes back into our family business to continue raising awareness, supporting small business, pursuing education, certifications & quality ingredients.

If you live near the area (33401) feel free to pass by & pick up your order. We strive to connect with all businesses out there, so if you have a big or small order or you would like to feature one of our products at your store/clinic, please contact us.

All our orders come with free samples of our soaps and/or products that are randomly chosen. Leave us a note at time of purchase if there is something in specific you'd like to try.

I just love doing custom orders & working one on one to achieve your perfect vision for your events like party favors, shower favors etc!

Thank you for supporting your local small business! Please follow us on all social media!! We look forward to your business & reviews.